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VAL Network

VAL network been founded on desire to enable our country better and faster integration with the world. VAL is an active business and social network. It works by using all possible business resources, connections and communications world could offer us such as virtual media, existing available internet technologies and social networks. We are present both virtually and physically.

In that moment, we connect Slovenia, Italy, Europe & China

Who could use VAL Network?
All companies, business and industry associations, various professionals, experts, different social and NGO’s, local authorities....

Current areas of activity are tourism (general, cultural, artistic and agro tourism), the general economy, culture and art, cooking, sports, agriculture, social, NGO and local government.

How we build VAL Network?
Unlike conventional business networks or trade, associations VAL based on the quality of many years of personal contacts. We build basic logistics network only on trust over personal knowledge over many years.

Markets and people always needs new quality services, products and strong reliable relationships, which could leads them to higher quality of life, regardless of the cultural and social differences.

Because of that, we connect in VAL only those entities from business and social life, while respecting the highest professional standards and the highest ethical and moral standards. By raising the overall quality of life, and while maintaining the natural and cultural heritage of the world.

Why VAL Network?

VAL opens new markets for businesses and organizations, even those that are more difficult touched through formal channels, no matter where these markets are. VAL also allow quicker flow of business information, business ideas and projects. It offers opportunity for international investments in new business programs and in partnerships.

Special features: Markets in Europe, Africa and Asia each have their own features as result of social and social differences, VAL could be their partnership with open forms collaboration, which allows faster and easier all-round cooperation between regions in all directions.

Highlights :
• quick and easier access to verified key business information, which are more efficient than conventional marketing analysis, since they are based on knowledge of local experts,
• significantly lower cost of expansion to new markets ,
• new key partnerships
• reference access to new markets through proven local partners
• new collaborative partnerships and offer new products and services ,
• greater possibility of getting or selling different franchises, joint venture partnerships

In particular, companies and organizations are opening markets, which are the usual formal channels are less accessible, while opening up entirely new possibilities for small dynamic companies that have products and services for the global market, while promising and interesting for the global market and investors.

Call for YOUR Action

We have privilege to invite in VAL Network new companies and agencies, experts from various fields, various NGO’s, institutions, local communities and others who wish to participate in joint international projects based on VAL principles. VAL Network allows transparent collaboration between partners in different regions with each other, forming new business partnerships, cooperation between different organizations, scientific institutes, NGOs, culture and sport.

Take a step forward, become VAL partner and together with us create a better future for you, for world and for our planet.

Final words

In that very short presentation, we try to enlighten some areas of future global success, which you could and should be as part of VAL Network.
We could not give you all details here but there are VAL co-workers and coordinators to give you answers that are more specific.
However, main problem is still here.
Do you know to ask us right questions?



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